God’s design for His people is to live life together in community for two main purposes:
1- We would lovingly challenge one another to greater holiness and intimacy as we seek God together
2- We would be a “light” to our city, reaching out together and being a place where others can
witness the powerful effects of the gospel in our community. 
An important tool of discipleship and reaching out happens through Hope Groups.  We want to live life together, seeking to grow as disciples of Jesus, living out the 7 commitments. We have a ‘come as you are’ atmosphere of acceptance while we know God never leaves us where we are, He calls us to grow. Hope Groups listen to God and others, bless others, eat together and enjoy life, together. 

What are Hope Groups?

Our way of connecting with and sharing life with others - encouraging each other to greater love and good works. Hope Groups listen to God and those around us, bless others, eat together and enjoy life together. Find out more!