Our Staff

Interim Pastor Larry DeMoss
After 16 successful years at Hope, God moved our former pastor, Don Moore to Calvary Community EFC in Nebraska City.  Hope hired Pastor Larry DeMoss through Interim Pastor Ministries to help us find Pastor Next. 

Pastor DeMoss has over 45 years of experience as a pastor. He is recognized as a caring pastor who encourages those around him who are facing challenges.  He has served churches in Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Pastor Larry is effective preaching and teaching God’s word. He would enjoy meeting with you when you come to a worship service. He and his wife Jane have been married for 47 years.

Anita CareyAdministrator - Anita Carey

Anita Carey has served as administrator at Hope since the fall of 2005. In the remainder of her time she works serves her husband and five children and works as a legal assistant.


 Contact the office: office@hopeforomaha.com


Andy Mayo
Senior High Youth - Andy Mayo

Andy is a recent graduate of Grace University where he studied youth ministry. He has a passion to tell youth that there is much more in life than what this world seems to offer, and that is a relationship with Jesus. Andy is married and has a young son!


Our current Elders are Bob Potter, Chuck Mullikin, Chris Griffith and James Engelkemier.